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Nature Tamed and Untamed


As humans increasingly encroach on natural habitats, we squeeze out creatures that lived there.

In this work, untamed nature is represented by the wolf among the barren trees. On either side, the wolf is hemmed in by natural elements that have been modified by humans.

The succulents to the right are chosen as decor because they fit atop stands inside a home. The oyster shell to the left has been positioned to resemble a wolf's den. At first glance the dark purple inside the shell appears to be the opening. But the construction of houses in the area now prevents the wolf from entering the den. To symbolize the blocked entrance, the "opening" has been blocked by the rest of the oyster shell and a necklace segment designed from freshwater pearls, shells and Murano glass adorns the roof. Additional materials include a realistic model of a wolf, an oyster shell found on a beach, wire, acrylic paint, dollhouse miniatures, fabric, and paper.

Custom framed with museum glass in a sophisticated deep wooden frame in collaboration with Chevy Chase Art Gallery, Washington, DC.

Price: USD 2,500.

Frame color: Silver

Size (in inches): 7.75 x 14" x 4

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