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Civilized Dogs

Civilized Dogs


Poking gentle fun at our tendency to attribute human emotions to our pets, this assemblage takes things to an extreme with a dalmatian mother taking her pups to a dog-themed art museum.


Paintings of dogs hang on the walls, and a bulldog button sits atop each column. The paintings are digitally manipulated photos of real paintings of dogs, with the color cast adjusted slightly to blend with the amber, lilac and gold colors elsewhere in this sculpture.


The painting on the left is “The Greyhounds of the Comte de Choiseul” by Auguste Courbet; the one on the right is T. Langlois’s “The Fisherman’s Terriers.” The velvet valence is embellished with a segment of a necklace of amber, agate (a semiprecious stone), pearls and Murano glass. Additional materials include dollhouse miniatures, realistic models of dalmatians, buttons, wood, metal, velvet and paper.


Custom framed with museum glass in a sophisticated deep wooden frame in collaboration with Chevy Chase Art Gallery, Washington, DC.


Frame color: Black

Size (in inches): 14 x 19 x 4

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