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Home Invasion

Home Invasion


Here, a jumble of marine snails tumbles out of a bathtub onto the bathroom floor. This particular kind of snail (known as an "oyster drill") feeds on oysters. They invade our sustainable oyster farm, feasting on our oysters. I release some of my frustration with these snails by pushing their tendency to invade to an extreme, imagining that the oyster drills have managed to travel through the water pipes into our home. One even finds its way onto the top of a candelabra.


Hanging on the wall is a portion of a vintage advertisement of a clipper ship. The framed portion was selected for its depiction of the sea, which relates nicely with the green marble “tiles” throughout the bathroom and the peach "tiles" on the wall. The snail shells have been painted to blend with the colors throughout.


The necklace segment tumbling out with the shells was designed using Murano glass, mother of pearl, freshwater pearls, and shells. Additional materials include dollhouse miniatures, wood, resin, plastic, metal, and paper.


Custom framed with museum glass in a sophisticated deep wooden frame in collaboration with Chevy Chase Art Gallery, Washington, DC.


Frame color: Black

Size (in inches): 10 x 26 x 4

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