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Nature vs. Art:  The Striped Tulip

Nature vs. Art: The Striped Tulip


I was inspired to create a series I called Nature vs. Art when I noticed that the color combinations in some of the necklaces I have designed over the years match or blend with combinations found in nature. The burgundy and white striped tulip displayed in the upper left reminded me of a miniature striped Art Deco sofa designed for a dollhouse.


Striped tulips evolved by natural selection. Feathering and striping developed some time in the 1600s as a response to a virus.


The necklace hanging from the balcony was designed before seeing either the drawing or the miniature sofa, but I found the three items blended well. In creating this artwork, I added among the necklace strands several small roses cannibalized from a Moschino purse. The work also includes a depiction of a portion of a Chinese scroll, a large rose from a Moschino purse, paper, ribbon, paint and miniature frames designed for a dollhouse.


Custom framed with museum glass in a sophisticated deep wooden frame in collaboration with Chevy Chase Art Gallery, Washington, DC.


Frame color: Gold

Size (in inches): 13" x 22" x 4

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