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Open House

Open House


This assemblage depicts one of the many consequences of deforestation —

the displacement of those living there. The cutting down of trees in this forest has forced these red foxes to seek shelter elsewhere.


Just as urban gentrification forces long-time inhabitants to move out of their neighborhoods, deforestation forced these foxes to seek shelter elsewhere. Despite the predominant color being green, tree stumps litter the scene with the animals leaving their den in search for a new one.


If their new home borders on an urban area, these foxes may well visit suburban gardens and prey on small creatures living there and even our pets.


Materials include realistic fox model, citrine, pearls, Murano glass, dollhouse miniatures, wood, art board, paper, fabric, museum glass.


Custom framed with museum glass in a sophisticated deep wooden frame in collaboration with Chevy Chase Art Gallery, Washington, DC.


Price: USD 2,500.

Frame color: Black

Size (in inches): 7" x 19" x 4"

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