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The Misguided Coyote

The Misguided Coyote


The dual inspiration for this piece: (1) that foxes and even coyotes now live in our urban neighborhood and (2) light pollution hides the stars in the night sky.


When we develop wild areas previously home to foxes, wolves, and coyotes, those animals often make their way into our communities. In this scene, a coyote howls at a streetlamp, mistaking it for the moon. A Boston terrier, a bulldog and a beagle look on confused.


The “moon” is here represented by a segment of a necklace I designed using two semiprecious stones (agate and golden rutilated quartz), freshwater pearls and Murano glass beads.  Additional materials used include realistic models of the dogs and the coyote, dollhouse miniatures, plastic, acrylic, acrylic paint, wood, and velvet.


Custom framed with museum glass in a sophisticated deep wooden frame in collaboration with Chevy Chase Art Gallery, Washington, DC.


Frame color: Black

Size (in inches): 14 x 32 x 4

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